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The Club conducts one musters a month.  During wet weather, lectures will be held in the clubhouse.  Please contact the chief instructor if in doubt. 


It is not compulsory to wear either the Park Ridge Pony Club formal uniform or club muster polo shirt.  Riding Boots and approved safety helmets are required. All PCAQ uniform rules and regulations will be adhered to as required by our affiliation agreement.


  1. Riders must stay in nominated groups unless otherwise advised.  If riders do not wish to continue to participate, permission must be obtained from the instructor of the group.  To be recorded as a muster (for end of year points) rider must stable/tie up horse and continue to participate on foot or help instructor where needed.
  2. All horses must move around the grounds at a walk to and from activities/sessions and around car parking areas.  This is to ensure the safety of all members and spectators.
  3. Bad manners and insolence will not be tolerated.  If after two warnings and the bad behaviour continues, then the rider may be suspended. 
  4. No riding during lunchtime breaks, unless parent is with child and permission is sort from instructor prior to doing so.  No swapping of horses during sessions. 
  5. In the event of bad weather and unmounted muster will proceed.   
  6. To be eligble for end of year trophies, riders must attend two musters a year and one internal event.Riders are encouraged to support the Zone 1 Events. 
  7. Riders under 17yrs of age must have a parent/guardian present on the grounds during pony club activities.  
  8. In the event where the instructor or committee member feels it necessary, an ambulance will be called for the wellbeing of the rider.
  9. No smoking around the clubhouse or canteen, grandstand or seating areas, toilet and change rooms.  There is an area for smokers – please see signage.  Note:  Instructors and Coaches should refrain from smoking whilst acting in their official capacity (PCAQ Policy)
  10. No alcohol to be consumed whilst engaged in pony club activities and is absolutely forbidden and illegal for any member under the age of 18yrs. (PCAQ  Policy)

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